Thank you so much. Here is why your donation matters. There is no foster care system in Mexicali. These kids would be living on the streets or in other awful conditions if not for you. This orphanage takes great care of the kids; there are no high salaries, many people who help are volunteers. See ideas below if you are not sure what to give.

One-time Gift
  • $50: Provide one month of tutoring for one child.
  • $125: Feed one child for one month.
  • $500: Feed one child for four months.
  • $1,750: Feed all of our kids for an entire month.
  • $250: Provide school supplies for one child for one full year.
  • $1,000: Provide one year of tutoring and counseling for one child.
  • $5,000: Sponsor all of our children for karate lessons, art classes, and soccer for one full year.
Please feel free to make a monthly gift to be used for food, clothing, shelter, counseling, tutoring, and/or life skill activities. 
Other needs: We are remodeling our food pantry and kitchen, including new equipment. We need additional beds for more kids, and more.
To make a donation click on the DONATE NOW button below or send a check to:
ETF Foundation
7941 Katy Freeway #146
Houston, TX 77024-1924