In 2003, Esteban Toledo started dreaming about building a home for abandoned children in his hometown of Mexicali, Mexico. The home would provide shelter, love, education and necessities for boys and girls.

It would also be a safe and caring environment, where every child would be encouraged and supported to find and achieve his/her dreams.

In 2014 we formed a 501c3 Operating Foundation: The Esteban Toledo Family Foundation.

Within three years and with the help of a portion of my PGA Tour Champions winnings, generous donors, and a tireless team of volunteers; we developed the concept, purchased our land, and built our home for the children.

In 2017, we officially opened the Esteban Toledo Family Foundation Home.

Sometimes it’s not about you or me; it’s about helping others in this world.

God Bless.

Our Mission

The Foundation was established in 2014; our children’s home opened in October 2017.

Our Mission forever is to maintain the Esteban Toledo Foundation (ETF) “Home of Love” in Mexicali for up to 26 orphaned / foster care children. We provide them with a safe, educational, loving, and caring environment, and encourage each child to discover and achieve his or her dream.


In 2017 we opened our 3,600 square foot “Home of Love” in Mexicali to house 26 orphans/foster children. This home provides a safe, educational, loving, comfortable and nurturing environment for the children. The east wing bedrooms and bathrooms are for the girls, and the west wing bedrooms and bathrooms are for the boys. There are living quarters for two resident assistants. Amenities include: computer / study room, game room, library, dining room, social room, medical office for a visiting doctor and dentist, and a playground with a basketball court and partial-sized soccer field. The home is close to the school and church. The facility is owned by our Foundation and operated in partnership with the D.I.F. (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia/Integral development of the family), Mexico’s governmental agency committed to protect vulnerable children